WinPrism Version 25 Update Notes WinPOS

WinPrism Version 25 Release Notes POS


Currently Version 25.x.x of WinPRISM is not posted on the PCI Website for PA- DSS validation. If you require a validated version, please use V24 for upgrade or installation.
The following features are NOT available for use in Version 25:
Mobile Toolkit
Textbook Bundles
Tokenization and Point to Point Encryption
NBC will alert you when these features are ready for general use.
Winprism 25 now supports SQL 2012
Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2012
Windows XP does not support any version of SQL 2012.
The 2003 Windows server operating system line is no longer supported.
POS Distributed servers must have the same SQL version, or a higher version, as the ICS server.
For Failsafe systems, if POS is running SQL 2012 the Failsafe must run SQL 2012 as well. Also the register must be running Windows 7 to run Failsafe. The register program will run under XP, but will not do Failsafe.
If POS is running SQL 2008 the Failsafe will need to be SQL 2008 as well. These failsafe registers can run XP or Windows 7.


POS Register / Transaction Improvements


User Unable to Log In (489799)
Previously, if the password field of a user attempting to log into the register routine was NULL, the cashier could not log in following a full download. This issue has been corrected.
No Sale Transactions Not Updating (469891)
No Sale transactions were not updating correctly in Transaction Inquiry, since the header in a no sale item is supposed to be zero. The total from the previous transaction was displaying. This has been fixed so that no sale transactions are set to zero in the header and do not display the previous transaction's total.
Credit Cards and Rental Guaranteed Tender (469903)
During a register transaction, if the credit card used for a rental guaranteed tender will expire before the end of the rental period, the following message will be given to the user to either reject the card or not: "This credit card will expire before the end of the rental period. Reject Card?" If the rental item is an NMRP rental, the following message will be given which does not allow the card to be accepted: "The credit card will expire before the end of the rental period. Card Rejected. NMRP Rental Items in Transaction".
NMRP Refund to Different Customer (469908)
When an NMRP refund is done at the register as an A/R refund using the exact rental XREF that was used in the NMRP sale but a different customer, a message will appear stopping the refund of the NMRP rental. The message will read 'Rental Customer on this item differs. Only one rental customer is allowed per transaction.' This code change will make it impossible for someone other than the renter to return the book.
NMRP TI Return (489821)
When a TI return was done on an NMRP rental, the return would process correctly (zero dollars) but Rental History would show the transaction as a refund instead of a return.
This has been fixed so that Rental History displays a return.
Rounding Issues with Gift Cards (477164)
There was a rounding issue when tendering with a gift card that was prompting the cashier to tender an additional penny to complete the transaction. This rounding issue has been fixed so that the transaction total amount is used when tendering with a gift card.
Items Accidentally Being Rented Without Recording Customer Information (493975) Previously, on the WinPOS registers, when the following rental messages were given, the "Enter" key or a scan would remove the message box. This could result in the cashier not realizing the item scanned had not been recorded.
XREF must have a length of at least 10 characters...
Invalid XRef. Rental XRef must be either 12 or 20 digits in length...
XREF xxxxx is already in use somewhere in the system....
Trying to rent an XREF from an outstanding rental is not allowed....
This has been fixed so that only the "Esc" key or using the mouse to close the message box will close the message.
Regular Sale to Account Sale (502016)
When a regular sale was turned into an account sale the register screen and Tender Totals screen were not updating correctly. This has been fixed so that when a regular sale is turned into an account sale, the register screen and Tender Totals screen update/refresh with the correct values.
POS Receipt, Non-Taxable Line (546409, P6)
A Non-Taxable line was printing on the POS receipts when items with no tax were being sold even though a "Non-Taxable" description was not setup on the receipt templates.
This has been fixed so that when a non-taxed item is sold, the "Non-Taxable" line will not be printed on the receipts and whatever description that is in the receipt template will be printed.
Register Process Changes (528531)
The following functions have been modified. At the register, tendering a transaction using the Charge Card (Credit Card Auto Select) tender now switches to use the actual tender of the card being swiped, and prints that tender on the receipt instead of "Charge Cards". Also, using the same Gift Card more than once when tendering with multiple gift cards now results in the following message being given: "The same gift certificate has been tendered more than once".


Date Columns Added (469926)
In WinPRISM > Accounting tab > Receivables > Invoicing > Transaction Inquiry, and in WPAdmin > POS tab > Maintenance > Transaction Inquiry, a "Completed" column has been added to the Quick Search Results window. The "Created Date" column has been renamed to "Created". Each of the columns can be sorted by double clicking the column header.
Customer ID Field Corrected (469907)
The POS Bad Check report in WPAdmin > POS > Maintenance > Transaction Inquiry > More Reports was displaying the incorrect Customer ID in the "Account Number" column. The Customer ID in the program was not the same thing as the Customer ID field in the table, even though they are named the same thing, which was causing the incorrect data to display. This has been fixed to display the correct Customer ID that is found in the program.
Credit Card Settlement (489806)
The Transaction/Tender section of the CC Settlement report was only showing only one side of a post voided transaction. This was to make it match with what Tender Retail was showing which was not correct. This has been fixed so that the POS Credit Card Settlement report includes both sides of the Post Voided transactions.
A/R Reconciliation Report (499417)
The A/R Reconciliation Report from Closing Reports Setup now shows the correct titles when gift certificate tenders are included and when they are not. When the report has gift certificate tenders included the title now says A/R Reconciliation Report with Gift Certificates Tenders. When the report is not supposed to include gift certificate tenders it says A/R Reconciliation Report No Gift Certificate Tenders.
Page Length (502039)
If the "Page Length" field was not set (null) or set to "0" in WPAdmin > POS tab > Parameters > Receipt Templates, an error would be given on the register. This has been fixed so that if the "Page Length" field is null or set to "0", the page length will default to 40 allowing the insert to print and the transaction will complete without error.
Net Sales by Tax Code (489790)
The Net Sales by Tax Code Report has been enhanced to include transactions from POS or ICS, or both, depending on which module it is printed from. The report has also been corrected and now picks up all types of Tax Codes producing a more accurate report. The report can be printed from WPAdmin>POS>Maintenance>Transaction Inquiry from the Reports menu or at WinPRISM>Inventory Management>Mail Order>Ship Mail Order.
When printed from POS, it should be noted that to include ICS Mail Order Transactions, the POS box should be left at the default of "All Locations". Users will also notice on both Reports' Menus an additional Net Sales by Tax Code V24 version is available. This report will allow users to collect data on transactions that were done prior to Version 25 being loaded. Since new tables were added in order to complete the new enhancements, data that was entered on Version 24 or before will not populate the Version 25 report accurately.
POS Transactions Report (534558) (P3)
The last 4 digits of the credit card were not showing up on the POS Transactions report in WPAdmin > POS tab > Maintenance > Transaction Inquiry > Reports menu. This has been fixed so that the credit card number is displayed masked with the last 4 digits displaying. NOTE: If the credit card is encrypted (tokenized) the last 4 digits will not be the last 4 digits of the card.
Customer Sales by Date (P6)
An issue was found with the Customer Sales by Date Report when a post void was done on a refund twice. The Customer Sales by Date Report was generated after a sale, refund and post void of a refund and this issue has been corrected.
Net Sales by Tax Code Report (546411, P6)
The Net Sales by Tax Code Report has been corrected and now matches the Register Totals Report when the manual tax option is used and the tax is set to $0.00. The manual tax transaction now shows in the taxed section of the report with a 0.00 tax amount.
POS Credit Card Settlement Report (554528) (P7)
The POS Credit Card settlement report was displaying Financial Aid transactions as well as incorrectly displaying post voids. These issues have been fixed so that financial aid transactions no longer show on the report and post voided transactions show the refund as well as the sale.

POS Miscellaneous

Encryption Reset When Full Download Fails (486910)
Previously, if a full download failed and then the cashier attempted to login, their login was denied because of the permissions of the database following a failed update. This has been fixed so that if a full download fails, a cashier can still be logged on a register and run transactions.
DCC Fails to Update, Items Are Not Added (469904)
Previously, there was an issue where, if a DCC added on the main was not transferred down to the distributed POS server properly, items being added with that DCC caused the Item Update job to fail. This issue has been fixed by changing the Item Update to add the missing DCC, if the DCC does not exist.
A/R Account Link To Tender Causes Issues (486888)
The linkage of the A/R account to a tender in WPAdmin > Accounting tab > Receivables
> Account Maintenance > POS tab > Tender field was not done correctly, and therefore the system was not using the right tender. This has been fixed so that the tender selected in WPAdmin > Accounting tab > Receivables > Account Maintenance > POS tab > Tender field is the tender that is used when tendering the transaction with the account.
CS Gold Diebold Interface Changes (477194)
Final changes were approved for the CS Gold Diebold DLL changes, so that all values are positive including refunds.
Full Download (486876)
The full download was causing the open/close store modules to be inoperable. This has been fixed so that when a full download is done, the store can still be opened and closed.
Customer Sync Changed for Full Download (469909)
Code has been added to speed up the POS full download by synching only the customers that need it. A full download was run and processed correctly.
Transaction Line Numbers Out of Sync (469915)
POS Transaction Line numbers were getting out of sync. This was causing rental transactions from the distributed server to not flow to the main. This has been fixed so that rental transactions flow correctly from the distributed server to the main server.
Rental Updates for All Locations (486896)
Rental updates were being queued for all locations even if they didn't have a valid rental period. The updates would not be processed and would just stay in the queue until the seven day cleanup. This has been fixed to delete the rental update right away.
Taxes and PRISM360 (554531) (P7)
Code has been changed so that tax codes being sent to PRISM360 are filtered by the POS System's State Code/Postal Code. For instance, a POS located in Nebraska will only have those tax codes related to Nebraska sent to that specific PRISM 360 location.
SurePOS 566 (554532) (P7)
The SurePOS 566 keyboard was not mapped correctly. This has been fixed so that the SurePOS 566 keyboard has the correct mappings.
XML Errors (554530) (P7) (PRISM360 Version 1.0.5, Mobil POS Version 5.03)
There were Thunder Import/Export procedures missed during code check in that caused various transaction xml files to be marked as errors, even though they were not errors. This has been fixed so that the transaction files are not marked as errors unless they truly are an error.
POS Transaction Report (469997)
A correction was made to the POS Transaction Report to correct the totals for a transaction when multi accounts are used in Datatel.
Failsafe and Duplicate Transactions (469900)
When a failsafe register was used, a duplicate transaction number was being generated when the register was put back into online mode and transactions were run. This has been fixed so that when a register is in failsafe mode running transactions, no duplicate transactions will happen when the register is put back into online mode and transactions are run.
Jobs Failing in Specific Scenario (483734)
When a transaction was done on WinPOS with multiple items with the same amount and tendered with the same tender, the jobs were failing. This has been fixed to handle that scenario.
Customer Information Change (489792)
The customer address trigger was taking a long time to run. This has been changed to only trigger an update change when necessary.
Store Close Issues (546419)
There was an issue with stores closing due to POS jobs failing. This was due to rental transactions not being in sync for rental returns and or rental refunds. This has been corrected.
POS Groups Not Transmitting (546412, P6)
When a cashier was a member of more than one group, the POS group was not being exported correctly causing the permissions to be wrong. This has been fixed so that if a cashier is a member of more than one group including a POS group, the POS group is detected and sent in the xml file going to PRISM 360.
Credit Card Settlement (492224)
The Transaction/Tender section of the CC Settlement report was only showing one side of a post voided transaction. This was to make it match with what Tender Retail was showing which was not correct. This has been fixed so that the POS Credit Card Settlement report includes both sides of the Post Voided transactions.
Single Quotes / PRISM POS (492274)
When single quotes were used for a Customer ID, it was causing errors in WPCom and showing as double quotes in PRISM POS. This has been fixed to allow single quotes to be used and display with single quotes in PRISM POS.
Apostrophes in WPCom (492275)
When rental customers were done on PRISM POS that had apostrophes in the customer fields, WPCom would not handle this correctly. This has been fixed to allow apostrophes in the customer fields, allowing the J packet to be picked up and flow correctly to WinPRISM.
PRISM POS Re-rental Not Allowed (489798)
A rental could not be rented to the same customer with the same xref for the same period. This has been fixed to allow the customer to re-rent the item with the same xref for the same period.
Multiple Tender Causes Errors (477184)
If multiple tenders that are the same tender are used (such as multiple gift cards), an error was being given and the store could not be closed. This has been fixed so that if the same tender is used multiple times to tender a transaction the transaction is processed correctly allowing the store to close properly.
Nightly Jobs After Patch (492234)
During nightly jobs, if a store had not been active, it had the risk of being removed from the open/close store menus. The reason is that the pos_open_history table was getting cleared of older info past the 30 days default setting. This has been fixed so that if there is no activity for more than 30 days the store will be saved rather than deleted. Before the store would be deleted and programming would have to manually fix it. This has been corrected.
PRISM POS Sales Fixes (492214)
Running fixes with PRISM POS for WinPRISM ICS has been corrected. The 'postendcode' has been replaced with 'Tendercodeid' when loading PRISM sales file into WinPRISM.
Failsafe Support for SQL 2012 Express (492039)
SQL 2012 Failsafe was created when SQL 2008 was updated to SQL 2012. When installing failsafe on SQL 2012, the previous version must be uninstalled. Also, SQL Server 2012 Express only works on Windows 7. There is no Windows XP version.
NOTE it is important that SQL 2008 is uninstalled before installing SQL 2012 failsafe.
Failsafe and Shift4 (503742)
When a register that is using Shift4 is put into failsafe stand-alone mode, every tender was asking for an account even if the Account Number Required checkbox was unchecked. This has been fixed so that only tenders that require an account actually prompt at the register when in failsafe stand-alone mode.
Failsafe in Online Sync Mode (502048)
When the register was put into online-sync mode, the pin pad was not prompting for Shift4 credit card transactions. This has been fixed so that credit card transactions can run through a pin pad while in online-sync mode for Shift4 transactions.
Shift4 Invoice Number Added (507333)
In WPAdmin > POS tab > Parameters > Receipt Templates > Customer and Merchant receipts, a "Shift4 Invoice Number" option has been added. When checked the Shift4 invoice number will print on the customer/merchant receipts at the top of the receipt next to the WinPOS receipt number.
Support for SurePOS 500 Keyboard Added (510205)
A SurePOS 500 POS Keyboard Template has been added so that this keyboard can be used with WinPOS.
Autoclose Error Logging (510214)
Errors were not being logged for autoclose. Error logging has been added, so that when the autoclose fails, it will log the error that occurred.
Auto Close Once a Day (469901)
The Auto Close setup has been modified to run as a default one time per day. The default time is set to 11:00 PM. Note: all registers must be logged off in order for Auto Close to work correctly.
Rentals, SOH, and PRISM POS (517100)
The request was created to address an issue that was causing SOH numbers to increase when rental items were rented, returned and rented again at PRISM POS. If the PRISM POS system was setup for expanded rental, and an existing xref was used, returned and re-used in the same sales date, the SOH numbers would increase when that day's sales record was posted. This has been corrected so when rentals are performed under these circumstances, the rental quantities will increase when the sales records are posted, but the SOH numbers will remain unchanged as normal.
Tender Retail Tokenization and Point to Point Encryption (P2Pe)
Tender Retail Tokenization and Point to Point Encryption (P2Pe) have been added. There are now three modes of credit card processing. Please note, these features are available on a pre-release.
Store CC mode: This mode is the current WinPRISM base configuration, where encrypted card numbers are stored and sent for processing.
1) Tokenization mode: In this mode, a token will be given and stored, instead of storing the encrypted credit card. This requires a separate contract with an approved company, currently this is offered with Shift4, and will be available through Tender Retail.
Point To Point Encryption: In this mode, the credit card must be swiped (or keyed) using a pinpad. A token will be given instead of storing the credit card.
There is a new read only system parameter to set this mode, called 'Credit Card Management'. Since the parameter is read only, it can only be set by support. This parameter is in a new System Parameter group, called POS. The parameter has three choices described above. The old system parameter 'POS Currency Exchange Rate' has been moved to this group, as well, and another new system parameter has been created here called 'Point to Point Penny Pre-Auth'. See 'Tender Retail Tokenization and Point to Point Encryption' documentation for more information.
During the installation update, the install script will check if the store is a Shift4 (tokenization) store, and if so, will automatically set the new 'Credit Card Management' system parameter to "Tokenization". Otherwise, this parameter will default to "Store Credit Card". When a store changes to Shift4 or Tender Retail tokenization, or changes to P2Pe, support will need to change this parameter.Post Voids are not supported in Tokenization/P2Pe mode.
Tokenization and A/R for Rentals (524943)
The request was created to ensure the Rental Guaranteed Tender of A/R Charge does not attempt to retrieve a token when assigned to a rental record. If the system parameter 'CC Management Mode' is set to Tokenization, credit card tenders that are used as rental guaranteed tenders retrieve a token when they are assigned to a rental transaction. This was also happening when A/R Charge was being used, thus returning the error message "Failed to Retrieve Token". This process has been changed so when an A/R Charge is used as the rental guaranteed tender, it does not attempt to retrieve a token from either Tender Retail or Shift4.
Renting Bundles at WinPOS (529078)
The request was created due to several issues that arose when renting bundles using split tenders. "Divide by 0" errors were received, components could erroneously be deleted after a bundle was sold, and split A/R tenders would not process correctly. Also using split tenders with differing tax amounts did not calculate properly. These issues have been corrected.
Renting Items on PRISM POS (25.2.4, PRISM POS 2.0.1, WPCom
The request was created to ensure SOH numbers are not adjusted when books/items are rented on PRISM POS in conjunction with WinPrism ICS. The SOH of an item rented at PRISM POS (for $0.00 or for an amount greater) will not increase or decrease when the sales record is posted, however the rental qty for those items will increase or decrease based on how many of the item are rented/refunded and/or returned. When items are returned, the SOH of the used item will increase based on rental transfer.
Spaces in Customer Numbers (WinPRISM Version 25.2.5-4 ,PRISM 360 Version 1.0.5) Thunder Import/Export was trimming spaces from the customer's account in the customer export. This has been fixed so that customer's with spaces at the beginning of the account are no longer trimmed, so customers "12345" and " 12345" are unique.
Deadlocks Occur (537873, P4)
In certain high volume situations, deadlocks were occurring in the system. The code has been reworked, so this no longer occurs.
Errors with Rentals (537870, P4)
The Item Update jobs were giving errors when rentals transactions were done. This has been fixed so that when rentals are done, the item update jobs continue to run without error.
PRISM360 and RNR Transactions (570563, P8)
The request was created to eliminate an error that was causing certain RNR transactions to fail when a system was configured for Local Prism360 (POS Setup). In this circumstance, if rentals were done at the register (any POS) and billed on a system with the Prism360 set up to Local, the following error message would appear: "Tender Code is not valid. It is configured for a Prism POS". This has been corrected so any rentals performed against a system such as this can be billed without error.