PrismRBS Service Desk


Welcome to Prism|rbs Service Desk!!  With the new service desk you will receive the following benefits.

  • Clean user experience and from support portal to emails
  • Knowledge base built into ticketing system
  • Clear view and understanding of where your issue is at
  • Ability to re-open a ticket at any time and include the information provided prior
  • Ability to view tickets submitted by your organization

Don’t Worry!!  You can still raise a request through email or phone. Please email or call 800-510-3911

Getting Started with Prism|rbs Service Desk

To sign up go to

Select “Sign Up”

Enter your email address. 

It is suggested to utilized the email address you currently use for tickets.  If this address changes please email to make them aware of the email change.

You will receive the following email.  Select Sign up to complete the process.

To complete the sign up process simply enter your full name and select a password.

Now you have access to the Prism|rbs Service Desk and knowledge portal!

Raising a Request

To raise a request go to

Select a product

Enter the details of your issue or request

Select Create

After you select create, the ticket request is the default view.  Here you can comment on the ticket and see the status.

Please notice the documentation articles that are available for searching while you enter a ticket

After a ticket is submitted, you can stay up to date by following the email trail that is sent to your inbox.

Or, you can visit the portal and view your requests. 

While logged into the system select Requests in the top right hand corner.

This will bring you to all of your current open request. 

Here you will be able to see all of your current requests and the status of the request.

You can use the drop down boxes to search closed requests, requests created by other people in your organization or specific request types.

To see the request detail select a reference number to view the request.

To ensure your success with our new system be sure the following email addresses & websites are whitelisted with your IT team:

To access the knowledge portal go to

*Please note: Space is still under construction!