PrismPOS Azure Transition Home Page

What’s happening?

In an effort to consolidate Cloud based environments, and look towards our modernized platform we will be moving our customers that are currently hosting on FNTS and migrating them to our Azure environment. This will improve reliability and will allow us to scale resources on-demand for improved performance.

What actions need to be taken?

To ensure we are able to migrate environments we will need to make sure that Ports 808, and 443 are verified open before we can schedule a move. Once verified PrismRBS will schedule time to access the servers so that we can migrate the Database from FNTS to Azure and update each server with the new URL. Once the Database has been migrated and the servers updated, it will be the responsibility of the customer to update each register with the new URL. Please note, the store must be closed during the actual migration process.

What is needed prior to migration?

PrismRBS will need a list of who the main points-of-contact, including a primary contact and technical contact, will be and a good transition date. Please email this information to us at

Please be sure to adjust your firewall settings, this will expedite the Azure migration process when we’re ready. In order to simplify the network configuration and support future growth, you need to add to your existing firewall rules for all POS servers and registers

We recognize that firewall changes must be carried out by your IT department, so we strongly encourage you to engage with them as soon as possible.
These changes are additive. Please do not remove or replace any existing rules until after the transition.

Add an outbound firewall exception for TCP 808, 80 (HTTP), and 443 (HTTPS) to (
Add an outbound firewall exception for 80 (HTTP), and 443 (HTTPS) to (

What steps does the store need to do?

The only requirements for the store outside of ensuring the firewall exceptions are added is to update each register after the database has been migrated.

How do I update the registers?

**This can only be done after the database has been migrated

What is the migration time frame?

We will start moving over customers in the middle of October and finish by the middle of December.

What will happen if I fail to migrate to Azure?

Once we finish the Migration project we will be decommissioning our FNTS servers. This will result in loss of functionality for all registers not migrated and updated.

Does the Thunder admin tool page change?

Yes, this page moves to the new URL, your login remains the same.

Who can I contact with Questions?

Please email us at