Spectrum Session Q&A-eRATEX Session: Getting the most out of Inline Editor and Options for Configuring the Checkout

Does inline editor works with pre-configure "Skins" ?



My store’s product photos don’t fill the full product image area on either the product grid page or the individual product page. Is this a glitch or are e-ratex images not responsive?

Please submit a support ticket for this question so that we can provide a thorough answer.


How do you get the cart to save the items in it when the page times out and logs a user out?

The cart should persist long after a user logs out (or is logged out). Please submit a support ticket if your users are losing cart contents after logout.


Can you require a billing address and or shipping address in the new account checkout process?

Billing and shipping address are required. Check to make sure the setting SkipShippingOnCheckout is set to False.


If we need more assistance setting something up can we contact Jo?

Please submit questions through the Jira support portal or email support@prismrbs.com. We can answer many questions directly and will forward any others to Jo/Vorx when needed.


Where do we submit the support ticket?

Here's the Jira link https://nebook.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1


Will this session be available for teaching my team?

This and most other Spectrum sessions will be available to stream on demand.


Are you able to go over how to set up student campus cards as a payment option?

Please submit a support ticket and we will assist you in enabling campus card as payment on your site.


For AR can pre-populated students?

There are several options that may meet your needs. Please submit a support ticket.


Is there a eRatex sandbox that we can access?

Sandbox sites are available for an additional monthly fee. We are running a promotion that waives initial set up fee until the end of May


Where can I find instructions to make sure Inline is turned on? I am logged into an admin account and I do not see the edit options.

Here is the link to the inline editor overview in help: https://help.aspdotnetstorefront.com/eratex/inline_editing.htm?searchTxt=inline%20editor&criteria=

Here are instructions for creating admin roles. Inline editor needs to be added to the role profile.



How did you set up gift wrap options checkbox in checkout page?

We are proofing an article that will be added to the eRATEX help in a few days. Search for gift wrap.


How do you get the cart to save the items in it when the page times out and logs a user out?

This should happen automatically. Please submit a support ticket if carts are failing to save on logout.