Spectrum Session Q&A-New VisualRATEX Enhancements: Pub Rental & ShipEngine

Will ShipEngine work in Canada?

Yes! More information on ShipEngine rates and carriers can be found at http://shipengine.com (US, Canada, International)


Will ShipEngine integrate with FedEx?



International shipping?

There are multiple international carriers available. There are enhanced APIs for international shipping that were not part of our initial integration. Will be considered for a future release.


Does Ship Engine integrate with UPS?



I suppose you are using a flat-rate option in Ratex.  Do you adjust the shipping charge to reflect the exact price in OF?

No. Flat rate is calculated to cover the average cost of shipping for the service level. CWU is currently reviewing to see if they can afford to lower what they charge


How new is that?

Brand new. We hope to release this summer.


You don't have to prepopulate weight to eRatex website?

No. Parcels can be weighed after packing and weight entered in order fullfillment. CWU is considering purchasing a networked scale that will enter weight automatically


Additional comment from a store: Per Scott Walker - If your store isn't using E&I to ship via UPS, you are missing out on cutting your shipping costs. We saved over 60K last year.

Check them out at http://eandi.org