Spectrum Session Q&A-eRATEX Session: "All About Me" and The New Promo Enhancements

Could you remind us where the directions/screenshots are for how to set these promos up?

This session will be available for viewing on demand. We will work on adding more tutorials that provide more end-to-end instructions.


Will these be an additional charge or a part of maintenance?

No additional charge for All About Me or the Promo Enhancements


Can a customer see their POS transactions if they are using a web ID instead of a campus ID (to which we link their transactions in-store)? Would we be able to link the two accounts via the ID merge function?

Results will be based on the email address used for their eRATEX account.


Can this discount be set up by category rather than product – BOGO?

Can't do a BOGO for a category although the number of products that could be included in a BOGO promo is theoretically limitless


Order Options - (gift wrap) where to set those up? Looks like a new feature I have not encountered on our site.

This will be added to the help contents in the next week or so. Search on gift wrap to find it.


Would the receipt pulled by a customer be as meaningless to them as the raw receipt pulled from a CRM inquiry? (We have to modify the results for, say, Inclusive Access purchases because the displayed information on the receipt is not helpful as it is displayed.)

Please submit a support issue so that we can follow up with you. We do intend to implement a way to identify inclusive access items.


Why is there so much focus on the customer profile when >80% of our customers are single time customers? (I believe that was the stat from yesterday’s chat)

I think timing had a lot to do with the 80% unique visitor statistic. Incoming freshmen typically get their acceptance letters in April, course materials sales are at their nadir, pretty quiet time for sports, etc. For almost every store, students represent the largest customer segment so finding cost effective ways to add value for students and other repeat customers seems like a good strategy.


Is it safe to say a PCD in VR is better from a performance standpoint than discounting an item via the website?

That is true although the range of promo options via PCD is much more limited than what can be configured in eRATEX. The advice about promos and performance is to mark promos as inactive as they pass their expiration dates and be conscious of how much product/category overlap you have among your active promos.


Is one of the new promo options in the works - buy product 1 get 10% buy 2 products get 20% buy 3 or more products, get 30% ... a chain discount for the more you buy in a transaction?

Jo has promised us a tutorial on how to implement a stacked promo like this in a future webinar or pre-recorded presentation.


Can you build in failsafe notifications into the promo manager for Active promos when nothing is set under the current "Promo Requirements" field and you click save?  Asking for a friend.

Unlikely in the near-term. Advise your friend to take a moment to review a promo before clicking the save button. Honestly, I work with a notepad next to me that lists the promo elements so I know I have it worked out ahead of time.


Thoughts on eligible items on a promotion and recommended items on a product page?  For example, if I am looking at an item eligible for a BOGO promo, will that product page be able to show me other BOGO eligible items?

One option would be to create a temporary BOGO Category and map your eligible products to that category in addition to their current one.