PrismCore ICS Manager for Existing Stores - Upon Request

Session for managers and other decision makers in the store.  Session includes topics typically performed by manager level personal, such as Markdowns/Write-Offs, Physical Inventory, Closing the Sales Month, Group and User Security, and more.  Session may be customized.

You must complete the Prerequisite Videos and complete the Prerequisite Training Survey before the session begins.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Manual Sales and various sales reports

  • Close ICS Sales Month

  • Create Report Generator Reports

  • Understand how to take and post Physical Inventory

  • Create new DCCs

  • Create new Groups and Users in Security

  • Understand the Stock Ledger and the accounting method selected by the store.


This online session requires a 6 hour daily commitment with breaks over a two or three day period, depending on topics selected. Please plan on attending all required sessions for a complete training. (10am - 12pm, 12:30 - 2:30pm, 3 - 5pm Central Time)


Store Managers, assistant managers, others in the store who may be tasked with these processes. This session is specifically intended for stores that are already using PrismCore software. New installations have a different training session.


If your store has not purchased a training package, cost for training is $1,350 per participant, plus applicable taxes.

More details about Training Packages here:

An instructor-led online course requires the time commitment listed.

These sessions include opportunities to engage with an instructor.

To participate in an instructor-led online session, you will need a computer with Internet access, a phone by the computer, and a environment with no interruptions or background noises.

About a week before the session, you will receive additional emails providing a URL, login information, and other details. Be sure to read all emails thoroughly.

This session is an upon request session.  Please contact for more information.