Spectrum Session Q&A-How to Maximize PrismWeb

Do you ever plan on having an "easier to edit" platform? What I mean is, are we ever going to be able to edit our webpage without using HTML and the FTP site? Specifically, will you ever have a "drag and drop" model like WordPress, BigCommerce, Wix or Squarespace?


We are evaluating the long-term plan for the platform. We did make editing of certain pieces easier via CMS functionality in site manager: updating Alerts, Announcements, Store Hours, About Us, and Contact Info. 


How do you know if you're on the newest template or not?


You should be able to visit http://demo.prismservices.net and see if there are familiar elements there.  Check the nav style and slideshow/images to the right of the slideshow.  If they look similar to your site you're on the newest template.  If you're still unsure, log into site manager and hover over Setup then choose Site Options, then System Setup.  If you have a setting in the first few settings there for allowing gift orders, then you are on the newest template.  If you're still unsure just reach out to Support and they'll help identify which template you're on.


What does it take to update to a new template?


All you need to do is reach out to your Sales/Territory rep or our Implementations team and they will get the ball rolling.


Are you going to continue to have a 3rd party company do web edits at a cost or are you looking at offering a subscription rate for web edit support for smaller stores that don't have a web manager on staff?


Currently store staff can do their own edits or pay a quoted fee for edits from the support or dev team, depend on what's trying to be accomplished.  Having a subscription service to provide basic web edits or graphic design for making site materials is a feasible option if there's enough interest in that, but we'd need to plan it out the details.

Note: PrismRBS is not currently using a 3rd party to do edits.


When will non-term textbooks be able to be sold online?


Non-term textbooks can already be sold as trade books (or textbooks can placed within a trade catalog).


Is there a cart abandonment option?


There is an enhancement request in our backlog for this feature (automated email to user after they've left the site for a certain period of time).


The search function, is it being redone?


We do have an enhancement request in our backlog to investigate potential improvements to search functionality in Web


Short links for sharing, are they coming?


There is an enhancement request in our backlog for this feature.


Any plans for a filter search option - show what is available is a 3XL or what is available in a certain color – BLACK?


We do have an enhancement request in our backlog to investigate potential improvements to search functionality in Web


Is there a chat option available for customers?


Not from us, but you could implement a third-party chat feature if you like.


If you have an identical product in 2 catalogs and do a simple search for it on the site, it shows twice.  Is there any way to avoid that?


There is an enhancement request in our backlog to better address "duplicate content" of GM items, in order to improve SEO.


We've tried using descriptive names for product family names but the system doesn't read those and they never appear on site


You wouldn't see the alt tags on the product detail page unless you were using an inspection tool to see what's behind the scenes.  If you're still having issues please submit the details to our Support team and we'll see what's going on.


Are you familiar with Monsoon and is it something the NE still offers?


Our affiliation with Monsoon has ended.


Will there be an easier way for products to not show if sold out of all sizes and colors without us having to look each one up and check a box?


From site manager hover over Setup, then choose Site Options, then General Merchandise and Trade Book Settings. There you'll find a setting to control whether out of stock products are hidden or not.


We are having issues with negative tolerance and overselling.  we place a negative of say 10 and we end up selling 50


Setting a negative tolerance allows you to sell beyond the actual stock on hand (ex: setting -5 would allow 5 more of a product to be sold after stock hit 0).  If you don't want to oversell, either don't set an inventory tolerance, or set a positive inventory tolerance number.  If there are still questions here, please contact Support.


I'd like to see changes in order status.  Customers do not know what reserved means when their order is processed for store pickup


There is an enhancement request in our backlog to allow you to change the status of an order manually.


On the demo site, I can't see what the back end looks like when I create an account. Is there a specific log in we should use?


You can create an account on demo for yourself so you can see what the account settings pages look like. https://demo.prismservices.net/account_create.asp


We have multiple locations and have to create a term for each one. How can we have one term for all locations?


That is a question I cannot answer in this space but our ICS Support team would be able to help you out.