Spectrum Session Q&A-PrismPOS Admin

The POS system lets us still ring up customers even though, we have it stop transactions on the Admin Tool.  Can you tell us how to make this stop?

When the configuration is in place to “Show Closed Notification” or ‘Stop Transactions” and this feature is failing to do so.  We would recommend to put in a ticket for Support to address issue.


How do we add a logo to receipts?

Within the PrismPOS Admin Tool site.  Locate the Receipt templates for Customers and within there is an option to add your image.  Restrictions in place to file types and size.  Document available


If we reset POS to either print or email customer receipt, what happens to the merchant receipt for credit card or A/R Sales?  Would the Merchant copy still print?

If receipts are turned off from automation.  The register will still have both the Customer and Merchant receipts stored in the system.  If we complete a “Reprint/Print” of a receipt, both the Customer and Merchant receipts will print.


Is there a way to get our information to synch quicker?  It can be difficult to service students when we have to wait sometimes 15+ minutes for the systems to talk.

PrismPOS receives updates from PrismCore every three minutes.  If updates are taking longer times to complete, it may very be other packets/transactions that are being processed in a first come first serve order have not completed.


Now that we have PrismPOS we have tried to have it set so that transactions cannot be rung up if the store isn’t open.

PrismPOS Admin Tool | Configuration | POS Setup | Parameters | Look for “Store Closed Notification Types.  Choose your setting. Ignore | Show Closed Notification | Stop Transactions 


Is there any way to make certain transactions require a signature instead of it only being certain tenders?  We need a signature and second receipt for Refunds but I do not see where we can make this happen.

With PrismPOS there in not a “transaction” type that is associated with any transaction.  Unfortunately this takes that ability away from us to set a “flag” to require two receipts during any type of “Refund/returning” Item(s).  This would have to fall under an enhancement type of request.  The only option we would suggest in that scenario is to have the Cashier hit the Print receipt button again.


Is there a way to get “old” sales events to delete out of the cloud?  We keep them updated and clean in Core so we can continue to purge items, but we have hundreds of Sales events in the cloud but less than 50 in Core.

Synchronization of Sales Events from the Cloud servers to the PrismCore system is akin to how our passwords flow.  Sales Events flow from Core to the Cloud servers and there currently is no update process to remove expired Sales Events.  Look for this to be in a release at some point to have that option.


How did you say to turn off the automatic printing of receipts?

PrismPOS Admin Tool | Configuration | POS Setup | Locate the Registers and “Edit” each register to remove the “Print After Sale” flag.  Or under the Receipts and Edit the area of where the Receipt templates are assigned to each register.  There is an option to deselect “Print After Sale” for each register.


For Charge Card receipts, how do we get the Customer Copy to print first?

Current there is not an option for us to select which receipt prints first for Dual Receipt options.

This would need to fall under an enhancement type request.


How can I get more than 1 receipt for a specific tender?

Access the Tenders within PrismPOS Admin Tool and then find the Location that is associated with that tender.  Edit that location and within there is where we can flag both the Customer and Merchant Receipt to print for that tender.


Could a logo also be added as a footer to a receipt?

At this time the only location to add a Logo is within the receipt templates and this will be applied at the Header of the receipt section.  There is not an option to have a logo at the bottom of the receipts.


Is there any problem with adding a customer at the register instead of doing it through PrismCore?  I’ve done this previously, just want to make sure it doesn’t creates problems later.  When you add them at register, you can handle them without waiting 3 minute transfer time.


Are there plans on to activate the ‘no limit’ click button in the future as with older version?  Doesn’t seem to work on 2.0

Unsure on the direction of this question.  Responding with the idea that they were referring to the “No limit” within editing a customer at the PrismPOS registers.  The ability to activate the “No Limit” flag

was removed to a status of “View Only” after the February 2021 release.