Spectrum Session Q&A-Overview session on RATEX Accounting and the Retail Stock Ledger

Is there a way we can use real time, current stock ledger info to forecast how a markoff will impact a class or department?    

 Any change to a category that is below the like such as Markoff or Discount etc. will not impact the class CUMMULATIVE Markon, the CUMMULATIVE Markon (Which is used to calculate Cost in the stock ledger) is dependent on Categories that are Above the LINE.


Can you explain how to create different stock adjustment codes? I see you had "correction" and we do not have that option, curious if we can create that?    

 The Code field when an inventory adjustment is made in Text, Trade or GM is set in the code file called Adj.Code and is set as SHR (Shrinkage) or MKO as Markout, the Reason field can be set by store in the menu path Admin > Parameters > General Code File and the entry to see your codes is CD.STOCK.CHANGE.REASON and finally the Comment field is Free Form text so you can type whatever you want.


I'd like to know how to make distribution code changes to a live system. 

 Any change to a distribution code should only be done at the end of a fiscal year or could be done at the end of the fiscal period, if really needed.  Both times should only be done after closing the month and before any activity for the new month is done.  You also could make the change to your TEST VR system prior to see how it will effect your financials, if needed.