Spectrum Session Q&A-Upgrades and Updates: Servers, Software, and PrismPOS

Is there a way to suppress printing shelftags for the Digital Mass Adoption titles that are auto-added?  We would hate to waste shelftags  

 There is no way to do this currently.  If the item is an active item on the course then it will be printed.


How do you set a digital product so it is affected by the backorder change?

 There is nothing set on the stores side as long as the book is in the digital content module it in auto not flip to back order in the latest version of Core.


When the digital integration auto-adds a digital item to a course request, will it mark as New Only?

 Yes it will be marked as New Only.


Are there support docs about the digital content updater I can take to my managers?

 Digital Content Management info located Here.


On the UPS World Ship side do you enter the order number to pull it up?

Yes with Worldship - you just use an import and enter the web # and it pulls in the address and shipping info,  plus sends tracking back to ship mail order.