Spectrum Session Q&A-Prism Suite-Ask the Experts

Is there a reason the 10-digit ISBN is still being used in PrismCore? Things would be much easier if it was just the 13 digit.

Currently both formats are supported, but there is a function to convert all ISBNs to 13 digit.  In the Item Maintenance module, there is a hammer-option to Convert Inventory to ISBN 13.


For the Digital Mass Adoptions, will there ever be an option to allow the Digital Match ISBN & pricing to be printed on shelf tags for the print match, instead of having a separate shelf tag printed?

This is something that can be looked at as an enhancements request for potential future release.


On the ICS download you were discussing - is this what we would do when we make a change over in PrismCore AR and it never shows up at the register? Would we go there and select all AR accounts to send the changes over?

There are a couple of ways to move this data. 

  1. If this is a new Account completely we may need to utilize the “Hammer” option on the toolbar and select the “Resend Account Info to POS”.  

  2. PrismCore Admin | POS | Maintenance | ICS Downloads

Select POS Location > Click Dropdown > Select “All AR accounts” if account changes were mad or Select “All Customers/Gift Cards” for Customer downloads.


If I pick 0 for logging into the register, how will that affect myself logging into the register? Will my register login stay the same although my PRISM login changes?      

Log into your PrismPOS Admin Tool and navigate to Configurations | System Parameters | Password Policy.

These Changes will not affect your PrismCore login credentials.  This will only prevent the PrismPOS registers from prompting the Cashiers to change their password.


Is there a way to prevent a POS sale of an item that is priced at Zero? There is one for web, but not one for POS that I know of.             

Currently there is not a way to prevent an Item from being sold as a Zero Priced amount. 


Will there be an enhancement to MyNBC when looking up titles to order that will only show the titles that have stock (check box to not show titles with zero stock) per the book types selected?          

The functionality described is not currently in the development back log but we will look into it.


Can a WebPOS return happen if the student has opened the digital book?

Generally yes, as long as the book has not been printed and only a certain percentage of the content has been accessed.  Having said this, the digital content vendors do set their own requirements, so we would recommend reaching out to them for exact specifications.   


Can a gift basket be created as a package instead and customized? Say a mug with a shirt (of various sizes)?         

Yes, the same format and process could be utilized to create gift basket packages.


Is there a training document for gift cards.. purchasing and redeeming?

Yes, see below.

If we already have the appropriate print ISBN in Item Maintenance, we all it to the course request so that the Digital Mass Adoption will work the rest of the magic. Then we go cancel the print ISBN on the course request. If we don't have the print ISBN avail; we go w/Ryan.              

This would also work, as long as you remember to remove the physical books from the courses prior to opening sales for the term.


Can there be a toggle to allow stores to divide when/if they want to allow POS sales at zero?   

If stores are wanting to have this as an option to either allow a Zero Priced Item or not, this could be submitted to Support as an enhancement. 


Is there an option to scan coupons at POS with a barcode?           

Currently the WinPOS and PrismPOS do not have the ability to utilize a barcode for Discount abilities.

This as well would need to be added as an enhancement.


Any more work happening on getting sales events from ICS to look at the SAME end date on the web??

This is something that can be looked at as an enhancement request for potential future release.