PrismCore 28-2-7-27 Release Notes

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PrismCore version requires SQL Server 2012R2 or higher installed. SQL Server 2008R2 is no longer supported.

PrismCore released September 2020



  • A change was made to allow PrismCore to support .Net 4.5.1. 

  • A change was made to allow for TLS support of up to 1.2. Previously WPServer for PrismCore only supports TLS 1.0.


Item/Inventory Maintenance

  • The change was made to prevent an ISBN to be updated or removed for a textbook record that has a rental record.   

Digital Mass Adoption

  • Changes were made to the Digital Text Mass Adoption to now use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  • A change was made in the Digital Mass Adoption process so textbook records created by the process will have the prefix of (eBook) in front of each title instead of the suffix of (DC) at the end of the title.  
    If you have the PrismCore Admin parameter Prevent duplicate ISBNs checked, records will be created with the prefix of (eBook). All old titles with the (DC) suffix will have the ISBN and barcodes wiped out when the new item record is created.
    If you do not have the PrismCore Admin parameter Prevent duplicate ISBNs checked, when the Digital Mass Adoption process runs ISBNs that already have records in PrismCore will have duplicate records created with the (eBook) preface. Therefore course requests will have the same book listed twice and both records can be sold at the register. All digital items that have (DC) at the end of the title will need to have the barcode and ISBN removed manually. You will also have to mark both new and used as discontinued in PrismCore. The titles on Course Request will also have to be marked as cancelled to prevent confusion on the shelf tags and on the website.

Course Requests

  • A change was made that when using the quick search option Find Term in the Course Requests module, the newest term will show first. Prior to this change the older term would be the first search result displayed.

NMRP Rental Token Sharing

  • The functionality has been added to allow token sharing for NMRP rentals. This allows Nebraska Book Company to charge the customer for any NMRP rentals not returned.

Merchandise Transfers

  • With this change any Merchandise Transfer that fails will be put into a queue.  Then with the overnight process the Merchandise Transfer will automatically try to correct itself. If a failed Merchandise Transfer is still in a failed state after the 3rd day, please contact PrismCore Support.  This increased logging of the issue will help with development correction if needed. If the Transfer has not been fixed by the 10th retry (10 days), PrismCore will no longer try to fix the transfer.

Manual Sales

  • Changes have been made to the Rebuild Sales option in the Manual Sales module. After this change the store can now rebuild web order and mail order sales which are unable to be posted due to being out of balance, this previously required support’s assistance. Stores can now rebuild sales for Manual Sales records which were deleted by accident. Stores can also rebuild sales records for PrismPOS sales to separate daily sales by date when they are sent to PrismCore as one record for multiple days due to the Close Store process being missed. Please see changes to Rebuild Sales Process for details on using this process.


Thunder Import/Export

  • A standalone Thunder Import/Export executable was created. This will address a memory link that has been causing issues for stores.

Bug Fixes


Item/Inventory Maintenance

  • Negative SOH Items by DCC report would show one record even though there were no records with negative stock on hand.  This has been fixed so if no records are returned the report will show zero.


  • Some stores were reporting being flipped from v2 to v1 when creating a new rental period, this has been corrected. 

Digital Text Mass Adoption

  • Only the retail price of a DTMA (Digital Text Mass Adoption) textbook was updated by the ‘Digital Content Updater’ service. This has been resolved. Both the retail price and cost of a DTMA textbook are updated by the ‘Digital Content Updater’ service to maintain a consistent margin.

Mail Order

  • Non-merchandise items included in mail order transactions were erroneously listed on the POS Register Totals and Non-Merch Reports, and not listed on the Mail Order Register Totals Report. This has been resolved. Non-merchandise items included in mail order transactions appear on the Mail Order Register Totals Report, and are not listed on the POS Register Totals and Non-Merch Reports.

  • If the process to import web orders into PrismCore was interrupted and the order(s) had to be pushed from web manually the tender would be missing. The Web Order Import process was changed so that if an order is resent from the web or is re-imported into PrismCore and the order does not have a record in Ship Mail Order, it will delete the order out of PrismCore and rebuild it.

  • When an order has multiple shipments attached to it, it would not print the serial number on the Mail Order Packing List.  This has been corrected.

  • When an item was canceled on a web or mail order, the cancellation email would display the full item price instead of $0.00.  This has been changed so when an item is cancelled and an email is sent out to the customer, it will display as $0.00 instead of the item price.

  • A web order refund with a spilt tender that included a gift card would fail with an error saying it cannot find the gift card.  This issue has been corrected so the refund will process correctly.

Purchase Orders

  • During the reversal of large Purchase Orders some users would receive the error “Query Timeout Expired”. This issue has been corrected.

  • The Qty field on a Purchase Order could not be changed on the SKU All or SKU Detail tab if the server had SQL 2016 or higher installed.  This issue has been corrected.


  • Want lists could not be saved after they were created if the server had SQL 2016 or higher installed. This issue has been corrected.

Manual Sales

  • When importing Inclusive Access transactions into PrismCore, the sales tax would not be included on the posted sales record.  This issue has been corrected.

Section Import

  • When using the Section Import function, an instructor email longer than 80 characters in the import file would cause the import process to error out and stop.  After this fix, the section line which includes the instructor email longer than 80 characters will be flagged in an error message, all other sections in the file will still import.

PrismCore Admin

ICS Purge

  • When running the ICS Purge process, customers with active history or did not otherwise meet purge criteria were being removed. This issue has been corrected.

  • Records that were within the purge parameters were not able to be removed which prevented the purge process from completing.  This issue has been corrected.

Accounts Receivable

  • The AR Receipt Export Detail displayed all items under one account even if the shipping was tendered out under a different account.  This has been corrected, now if a transaction has two different AR accounts attached to the order it will show both accounts on the AR Receipt Export Detail report correctly.

  • If a transaction used multiple AR Tenders or Accounts (split tenders) AR Invoice Inquiry displayed the entire transaction amount under one tender. This has been corrected so AR Invoice Inquiry now displays an individual record for each tender when viewing a transaction using split tenders. Each AR tender displays the correct amount charged or credited (pay-in) to that account with the multiple accounts totaling the amount for the entire transaction. This also corrected the issue for detail exports.

  • When doing a spilt tender transaction pay-in the amount would hit the account twice. This has now been corrected so a spilt tender for one payment will only credit the account once

  • When a refund was created for just the shipping amount it was not included on the AR Receipt Detail Export. This issue has been corrected.

  • The AR Receipt Detail Export displayed refunds as a positive quantity and amount.  This has been corrected, now the AR Receipt Detail Export will display sales as a positive quantity and refunds as a negative quantity.

  • The Received On Account Report did not correctly display transactions that had 2 or more ROA Pay-In records to 2 or more AR accounts.  This issue had been corrected, now a transactions with multiple Received On Account Pay-In Records to multiple AR accounts will display correctly in the Received On Account Report.

  • Gift card tenders did not show up on the Received On Account Report when doing a spilt tender transaction.  This issue has been corrected.

Accounts Payable

  • When running the AP Purge process with parameters set to remove several years at a one time the user would receive a query timeout error. This issue has been corrected to allow for large AP Purges without receiving the query time out error.


First Published 08/03/2020

Edited 09/10/2020

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